What is WebScience;

Webscience.gr has been active in the retail sector, offering selected and branded technology products.

Our products come from the European Union, comply with all the requirements of European law and this guarantees you the warranty and service of your devices.

The team at Webscience.gr is next to you at every step of your order, made up of customer service professionals, ensuring that your orders arrive on time and safely in your area.

Our main priority is to serve our customer, with dynamism and character we deliver high quality products to people who want to trust us.

The best prices and excellent service are synonymous with Webscience.gr as they are the values we always follow.

After daily research we introduce in Greece the best technological products with excellent offers.

Webscience.gr has come to create new shopping and service experiences!

Webscience.gr is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to make your purchases quickly and easily from home or office without the hassle, queues and waiting times!

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